We at Bhakti-mantra, have an aim. The aim is to inculcate the beliefs and teachings of our religion among the young generation.

I being a part of a conservative family, always was taught of Hindu mythology. How earth was created, How God regulates the earth, what are the beliefs that we have been following since ages. However, it was noticed that today’s generations are more inclined to be an atheist. They have forgotten all the things that were being taught to us as kids and are not even teaching their kids about it.

We should inculcate the same thing of our Dharma and the beliefs that our fore-fathers followed. I understand that some people may say that Science is so advanced today and whatever was being taught to us being a kid has a scientific explanation. My answer to these people would be that there are some questions that Science has not answered till now but our Dharma has answers to it.

With that being said, I would go ahead and provide information about our beliefs and the values that were provided to me by my parents, religion and not to mention my Guru Ji. I would aim to provide religious information and believes to all people across the globe.