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Shiv Lingam

Shiv Lingam

Benefits & Significance of offering Milk to Shiv Lingam

Did you know the reasons why we offer milk to Shiv Lingam. What is the scientific reasons for offering milk to Shiv Lingam. If you don’t have the answers, you are at the right place. In today’s article we are going to discuss about this so keep reading.

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Well you must have heard that people waste water and milk by offering to Shiv Lingam. But this not wastage of water or milk there are reasons behind that. There is some history behind this.


Shiv Lingam
Shiv Lingam

As per Vidyeshwar Samhita of Shiva Puran, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu had some controversary about the Universe. As the arguement continues, a big column of fire appears. Both Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma are surprised and wanted to check the end the pillars. Lord Vishnu went down to check the end point while Lord Brahma went up. Crores of years passed but they didn’t find the end of the pillars. As Lord Brahma was travelling he saw a Ketki flower falling down. Lord Brahma asked the flower, where it was coming from, the flower replied that it has been falling for years now and was on the forehead of Lord Shiva at some point, however was in such a condition because of ego.

Lord Brahma made a plan and asked the flower to lie to Lord Vishnu that he was found the end point of the fire tower at the top. Both the flower and Lord Brahma lied to Lord Vishnu. Seeing this Lord Shiva appears to punish Lord Brahma and cuts his one head and also punishes the flower to take the side of Lord Brahma. Lord Shiva then gave the knowledge of the Fire Pillar to them.

The fire pillar was the Shivling and it appeared when the Big Bang happened and the universe was created. To cool down the fire pillar we pour milk to Shivling.

Also, whenever Shivling is installed at location, we pray to Lord Shiva so that he comes and resides in that Shiv Lingam. Shiv Lingam absorb the negative energies from the sorrunding and release positive energy. Since with the continuous absorption of negative energies it becomes hot, hence we pour milk on Shiv Lingam so that it remains calm.

Here are some benefits of pouring milk on Shivling:

It makes the mind spiritual and free from any negative thoughts
Lord Shiva will remove all the sins that we may have done

So, these are the reasons and benifits of offering milk to Shiv Lingam. Share this information so that everyone is aware of this information.

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