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Chamunda Devi Mandir, Himachal Pradesh

Chamunda Devi Mandir, Himachal Pradesh

Chamunda Mata Mandir, Himachal Pradesh

Did you know that the name Chamunda Mata is a combination of two names Chand and Mund. These were the two monsters that the Devi killed. If you want to know more about Devi Chamunda and also how to reach the Chamunda Mata Mandir, you are at the right place.

The Chamunda Mata Mandir in Himachal Pradesh is around 8 miles from Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. The temple is situated on the banks of Ban Ganga and is the place where the Devi killed the two demons Shumbh and Nisumbh. In ancient time, this temple was located at a place which was very difficult to visit. However, with the permission of Devi Kali, the temple was shifted to the present day temple. Apart from the main deity of the temple, there are two other images, one of Lord Hanuman and the second one of Lord Bhairav. These two lords are considered to be guards of the Chamunda Mata.

The two demons Chand and Mund led a large army of demons and came to the place of current mandir to fight with the Devi on orders from the orders of their kings Shumbh and Nisumbh. The Devi appeared in the form of Devi Kali and killed the two demons. When Devi Kali presented the heads of Chand and Mund to Devi Amba. Devi Amda became happy with Devi Kali and gave a boon to her that she would be worshiped by the name of Devi Chamunda.

Chamunda Devi Mandir, Himachal Pradesh
Chamunda Devi Mandir, Himachal Pradesh

The present day was built around 700 years ago and there is kund as well where the devotees take a dip before proceeding for the darshan of the Mata Chamunda. The idol of Devi is wrapped in red cloth and is considered sacred.

The best time to visit the temple is from June till November as it becomes very cold during winters and very hot during summers. One should avoid going in Monsoons as well. The temple is open throughout the year.

The Chamunda Mata Mandir is easily accessible by road. It is connected to Dharamshala-Palampur national highway which is in very good condition. The nearest railway station is Palampur which is connected from Pathankot by the narrow gauge train or the famous Kangra Valley Toy Train. The nearest Airport if Gaggal Airport in the Kangra District.

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Bolo Chamunda Mata ki Jai.

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