Jugal Kishore Temple Vrindavan | Braj Darshan | History and Timings

Jugal Kishor Temple Vrindavan

Jugal Kishor Temple Vrindavan

Jugal Kishore Temple Vrindavan

Radhey Radhey.. Did you know that Jugal Kishore temple in Vrindavan was built during the Mughal empire. If you did not knew about this, you are the right place, today we would talk more about the Jugal Kishore temple, it’s history and the timings when the temple opens.

The temple was built in 1627 A.D and is located at the lower end of the Vrindavan city and is located near to Keshi Ghat, hence the second name of the temple is Keshi Ghat Temple. It was built in the reign of the mughal emperor Jahangir and the permission to build the temple was given by Akbar. Akbar visited Vrindavan and gave permission to built four temples in Vrindavan, Jugal Kishore Temple is one of them. The other three temples built were: Mandan Mohan Temple, Govind Dev Temple and Shri Gopinath Temple.


Jugal Kishor Temple Vrindavan
Jugal Kishor Temple Vrindavan

As per the history, the other three temples were invaded by Aurangzeb and the deities were removed from them. However, the deity of Jugal Kishore Temple was not removed.

One ca reach the temple by train, the nearest Railway station to temple is Mathura. One can hire a taxi from Mathura and reach the temple. The nearest Airport is Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi and one can hire a taxi from New Delhi to the temple. The temple is open on all the days of the year and is closed during the noon time.

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