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Law of Karma

Do you know what is Law of Karma in Hinduism or How is Karma related to Reincarnation. If your answer is “No”, you are at the right place. In today’s discussion we would talk about Karma and Reincarnation. So stay tuned and keep reading.


As we are talking about in our previous articles the importance of Karma in Hinduism and what are the main believes of Hinduism. If you have not read that discussion, you may read it here: Key Beliefs of Hinduism

So, in today’s discussion, we would discuss the following:

  • What is Karma?
  • What happens to Soul after death?
  • How is Karma related to Reincarnation?
Principal of Karma
Principal of Karma

So, let us begin. Our first question was what is Karma. Well in Layman’s language, Karma is the good or bad actions that we do today or may have done in the past or may be doing in the future. A good action creates good Karma while a Bad action creates a bad Karma. As per the religion, every action has a consequence related to it, which will be fruitful in the future in this life or the future lifes of that Soul. As per the ancient relics, good karma leads to Punya while Bad karma leads to Paap. So whatever good or bad action that we do today would have fruits have fruits in the future.

Now if we talk about rebirth. Every Soul that takes birth on this earth does some Karma during the Life span on earth. Now the reason behind the birth and death is Karma, since every Soul would have to go ahead experience pleasure or pain as per the Karma done in the previous birth. Now an interesting fact is that the positive deeds dont overshadow the negative deeds, like in mathamatics. While for for kind of deeds every Soul would have to bear the experience. Now once the Karma is destroyed the Soul achieves Liberation or Moksha and is free from the cycle of Births and Deaths. So, this is how Karma is related to Reincarnation.

So after death, every Soul takes rebirth on Earth to experience the pain or pleasure as per the deeds of the previous life. However, one can be freed from this cycle of Birth and Death if one can realize the power of God and his or her soul is aligned to the worship of the God. The soul should be able to guide ones life from within towards the almighty God and free itself from Karma and attain Reincarnation or Moksha.

I hope with this article we would be able to understand the importance of Karma in once life.

Thanks for reading guys. Stay tuned for more stuff coming soon.


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