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Lord Krishna killing Aristasura

Lord Krishna killing Aristasura

Krishna and Aristasura

Have you heard about the fight between Lord Krishna and the demon Aristasura. If not, you are at the right place, today we are going to check how Lord Krisha killed Aristasura.

So before, we begin with the fight between Lord Krishna and the demon, if you have not read about the Lord Krishna, you may read it here.

King Kamsa wanted to kill his nephew Lord Krishna as it was prophesied that he would kill Kamsa. He tried every bit to kill the Lord.

Once he sent Demon Aristasura to kill Lord Krishna. Aristasura transformed himself into a bull and went to Vrindavan in search of Lord Krishna. He started searching Lord Krishna and started uprooting trees to create a Havoc. This scared the villagers as Aristasura was also destroying houses. As Lord Krishna saw the bull charging towards things, he came closer to Aristasura and he came to know that this was a demon transformed into a Bull.

Lord Krishna killing Aristasura
Lord Krishna killing Aristasura

Despite the warnings of his friends, he charged towards the bull and challenged him. The angry Aristasura came towards the Lord and the Lord Krishna held Aristasura by his Horns and pushed him behind with force and threw him aside. Looking at the this, the bull again charged towards Lord Krishna. As he ran towards Lord Krishna, the lord this as well pulled his horns and threw him in the air. He fell far off and broke his horn. Aristasura tried lifting him again but he died with a thud.

This was Lord Krishna killed Aristasura.

Hope you enjoyed reading the victory of Lord Krishna.

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