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Nidhivan, Vrindavan

Nidhivan, Vrindavan

Radhey Radhey.. Did you know that the doors of Nidhivan, Vrindavan are shut down after 07:00 PM in the evening. Even the animals, don’t stay at Nidhivan during the night. Do you want to know the reason and also more facts about Nidhivan, keep reading as we would discuss more about Nidhivan today.

Nidhivan is one of the main temples of the Braj, and is around 11 kilometers away from Mathura, the Birth place of Lord Shri Krishna.

Nidhivan is one of the mysterious place which is famous among travelers across the Globe. Here are some of the facts of Nidhivan and what happens at Nidhivan during the night:

Inside Nidhivan, there is a place called Rang Mahal. Every night a bed made of Sandalwood is made for Lord Shri Krishna. A glass of water, neem datun and Pan are kept at the bedside. In morning, it feels like someone slept on the bed and also the water along with the neem datun and paan are consumed.


Nidhivan, Vrindavan
Nidhivan, Vrindavan

Every night Ras Leela happens and if one stays at night to watch this Ras Leela, would be blinded or voice or also have mental disorders.

The trees in Nidhivan convert to Gopis at night and participate in Ras Leela with Lord Shri Krishna and as day approaches, they convert back to Trees.

There are houses around the vicinity of the Nidhivan, however they close their windows facing towards the Nidhivan and no one watches what happens at Nidhivan during the night. So Nidhivan opens at dawn and closes by dusk.

So these were the mystery of Nidhivan and what happens at Nidhivan during night.

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