Scientific reasons behind bells in the temples | Why Bells are hanged

Bells at Temple

Bells at Temple

Scientific reasons behind bells in the temples

Are the bells in the temple to awaken the Gods? But God never sleeps, then what could be the reason behind hanging the bells in the temple? The Bells are to seek a permission from the God before entering the temple. Also, did you know that there is a scientific reason for the bells at the gates of a temple. Stay tuned and keep reading as we are going to discuss the scientific reasons behind this.

The Bells that are hanged at the gates of the temple are not for decoration. Apart from from awakening your inner soul and making your connection with the God easier, there is a scientific reason as well. The sounds of the bells arises and synchronizes the left and right side of our Brain and this would have a positive outcome in our life.


Bells at Temple
Bells at Temple

The bells that we have in the temples are made up of several metals like Lead, Chromium, Copper, Zinc etc. These metals are mixed in a fixed proportion to produce a very distinctive sound. Once these bells are struck, they produce the distinctive sound, which then echoes for seven seconds and this good for awakening the seven chakras, also known as the healing centers of our body. This makes you enter into a Tran’s state where you become very receptive to things around. So the moment you enter the temple, you should strike the bell so that you are awakened and the mind becomes receptive.

Also, as per Skanda Purana the ringing of the bells at the temple, the sins of the humans are removed.

So guys, these were the reasons for hanging bells at the temple. So next time you go to the temple, make sure that you strike that bell.

Thanks for reading the scientific reasons behind the bells in the temples.

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