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History Tarkeshwar Mahadev

Tarkeshwar Mahadev,Lansdowne

Did you know that Tarkeshwar Mahadev in Lansdowne is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva built 1500 years ago. If you are going to Lansdowne on a vacation, I would recommend you to visit to Tarkeshwar Mahadev and you would fall in love with this temple because of the beauty.

Tarkeshwar Mahadev is around 38 kilometers from Lansdowne and can be easily reached after hiring a taxi by own car from Lansdowne. The temple of Lord Shiva is sorrunded by Thick Deodar and Pine trees forests and is at altitude of 1,800 meters. A special worship is conducted on Shivratri every year. One can stay at the Dharamshala during night. One can get food as well at the Dharamshala as per the rules and regulations of the Dharamshala.


Tarkeshwar Mahadev
Tarkeshwar Mahadev

It is believed that Devi Parvati prayed to get Lord Shiva in Tarkeshwar. The best time to visit this place would be from mid march to mid October. However, avoid visiting during rainy or monsoon season as the roads at some parts are practically not there or are filled with potholes.

Some things to be taken care of while in temple:

Beware of monkeys, they can even take the Prasad from your hand.
Don’t litter waste, thus spoiling the beauty and the sanity of the place. There are dustbins at designated spots, use them.

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