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Hinduism Symbol - Om

Hinduism Symbol - Om

What is Hinduism?

Do you want to know the origin of Hinduism, if yes you are at the right place, today we would discuss about Hinduism religion in detail.

Hinduism is an Indian religion and one of the oldest in the world. It is infact a set of beliefs that have evolved with time. it is also referred to as Sanatana Dharama by some scholars. It is practiced mainly in the Indian sub-contienent, it has many sub-sects, teachers, traditions and movements.

Most of the traditions followed in Hinduism age back to the pre-historic era. Hinduism has the largest cathedral of gods and goddesses which are worshipped across the globe. Each and everyone in Hindu religion is allowed to worship his or her personal god or goddesses. There are many contradictions that appear in the Hindu religion, one set of people may worship one god while the other may worship other.

There is no central organization that controls the Hindu religion and it was not founded by any of the prophets. These were traditions and beliefs that were followed over the generations and finally took the shape of the religion, Hinduism.


Hinduism Symbol - Om
Hinduism Symbol – Om

Hinduism is a continuosly evolving religion with no social or political institutions. Hinduism is a religion that any one across the world can follow or leave as per his beliefs and will. Hinduism is followed by over a billion disciples across the world and is the world’s third largest religion. Most of the Hindus live in India, Nepal and Mauritius.

Hinduism believes in Karma. As per Karma, whatever goes comes back. With that being said, it means that whatever you do today would shape your future. Hindu gods are believed to appear on earth from time to time. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are believed to be 2 different avtars of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that whenever the Earth gets polluted by the bad deeds of the Humans and the negative energies take over the positive energies, an Avtar of the God appears and saves Humans from extinction.

Hope that this article clears everything about Hinduism and we would discuss the Gods in the next article. Keep reading.

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