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Pradakshina or Parikrama


Do you want to know the importance and benefits of Pradakshina in Hinduism. If your answer is a “Yes”, you are at the right place. In today’s article, we would discuss more about Pradakshina : its importance, benefits and the way it should be done (Anticlockwise or clockwise).

Pradakshina or Parikrama is the name given to the circumambulation of the temples in Hinduism, Jainism or Buddhism. It is an integral part of prayers in Hinduism. It is done after offering prayers to the main deity. Pradakshina is also done around the fire in Hindu marriages.


Pradakshina or Parikrama

If we talk about the importance of Pradakshina in Hinduism. It is believed that once Devi Parvati asked her two sons to do a Pradakshina of the entire world to gain knowledge. The elder son, Kartikeyan went on his peacock and spent years doing the Kartikeyan of the world while the second son Ganesha, did a Pradakshina of the mother and explained that the mother is the entire world. In Shiva temple, one has to Pradakshina in clockwise and does not cross the gomukhi. The devotees offer milk, ghee, curd etc to Lingam and gomukhi is the drain outlet for all things offered to the Shiv Lingam and is never crossed. So after reaching the gomukhi, one should return anticlockwise and should not cross the gomukhi.

We do Pradakshina around the deity kept in the center as we believe that the God is the center of the universe and also that our thoughts are centered around the God around whom we do the Pradakshina. We do Pradakshina in the clockwise direction as we always trust that the God is on our right side. It also purifies the mind and soul of the person doing the Pradakshina. We also absorb the positive energy and aura prevailing around the deity by doing Pradakshina. Also, as we know that the planets gain energy from the sun by doing Pradakshina around it, in the same way if we do Pradakshina around the deity, we tend to gain energy from the God.

As per Swayambhu Agama, if one does 21 Pradakshina around a deity is sanctified. There are certain rules for doing Pradakshina. One should proceed with small paces, visualizing the deity in mind and reciting the mantras of the deity. There are different number of Parikrama that one should complete for different deitites:

Lord Ganesha one should complete 1 Parikrama
Lord Shiva one should complete 2 Parikrama
Lord Vishnu one should complete 3 Parikrama
Peepal Tree one should complete 7 Parikrama
Maa Durga one should complete 6 Parikrama

So, one should complete Parikrama or Pradakshina on regular basis as apart from rituals and beliefs, there are also scientific reasons for doing it.

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