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Lotus Temple Delhi

Lotus Temple Delhi

Lotus Temple Delhi

Did you know that Lotus temple located in Delhi costed 10 million dollars and was opened in 1986. If you want to read more about Lotus Temple, keep reading as in today’s article we would discuss the Timings, facts and architecture of the Lotus temple.

Architecture and Facts

Lotus temple is one of the Bahá’í house of worship. The temple is made up in the shape of Lotus and has marble clad 27 petals and they are arranged in a cluster of 2 or 3 petals. There are nine doors in the temple and all the doors lead to a hall which is 40 meters in height and can accommodate around 2500 people once.

The Lotus temple is spread across 26 acres and also the nearest metro station is Nehru Place, Delhi and Kalkaji Mandir, Delhi. People of all castes and gender can visit this temple. Also, there are no idols inside the temple.

Lotus Temple Delhi
Lotus Temple Delhi

Lotus temple is the first temple to have solar plants installed and around one fourth of the electricity needed in the temple is generated by the solar plant in-house the temple. There are some points that one should take care while visiting the temple:

  • One is not allowed to click photographs inside the temple, however one can click photos in the garden area in the temple.
  • The temple is closed on every Monday.
  • The timings of the temple are: Opening time: 09:30 hours. The closing time is 17:00 hours during winters while it is 19:00 hours during summers.
  • There is no entry fees for the temple
  • One should spend at-least 1-2 hours in the temple

This was all about the Lotus Temple, Delhi.

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